Friday, December 03, 2010

Miscellaneous July

Miscelanneous July photos...
 Caden and Me, enjoying a blankey : )
 Thank goodness for this swingset!  We use it nearly every day.
 The two cutest ND fans ever!

 Lily and Caden make a fort out of the cushions.  Here Lily is "reading" to Caden : )
 Lunch date with our friends Bella and Ally Dugard.  They are already too cool to sit with their moms '_'
 Lily and Uncle Randy snuggling.
 Lily took a week-long art class at Stanley Clark where she made masks from all over the world.  Incredible work!
 Baloon art is pretty popular in these parts.  Here Lily, Grace and Caden show off their most recent baloon loot at an on campus employee fair.

[July 2010]

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