Monday, December 06, 2010

Delivery Day

Well, the day is finally here!  Baby Angst #3 is due this afternoon around 1pm.  We are all so excited!  Lily and Caden have been drawing pictures for the new baby and are anxiously awaiting the arrival. 

We have told the kids that after we picked out our tree, the baby would come, and that the baby would be here for Christmas.  So 2 weeks ago when we had a our first snow fall, Lily whispered to my tummy, "Baby, you can come out now!" : )

I head in to teach my last class of my first semester at ND this morning, then we head to Memorial.  Corey's parents are due in around 1 to pick up the kids and bring them to the hospital to meet the baby.  We are saying countless prayers that the new baby is healthy!!!  And that the c-section goes as well as it can '_'  We absolutely cannot wait to meet him/her and snuggle this little baby!  Names so far are Gianna (Gia) Lucile for a girl and Gabrielle (Gabe) or Nicholas (it is St. Nicholass Day) Michael for a boy.  All subject to change once we meet them : )

Yay!  So excited!!!

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