Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post-Dinner Festivities

At the restaurant Lily made another new little friend named Sarah, who was just a doll. They were playing with a makeup brush. The 5 of us had a pretty good meal. We met an American couple from NYC here who keep a summer house on the lake. Not a bad idea...

After dinner we walked around the streets and listened to the live music. There was both a classical and a hard rock band. Lily loved them both. She established another new boyfriend who kept offering his cool helicopter toy (see blonde in one of the pics). Lily was mostly interested in the dancing though. She has a great new move whereby she cocks one arm up and thrusts her elbow back and forth. Just one arm. Watch for more on Dancing with the Stars.

We enjoyed views of the lake from the rooftop terrace when we got back to the hotel. [July 14, 2007]

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