Saturday, August 11, 2007

July 11 - Cinque Terre Hike

The morning started with breakfast on the terrace. The croissants in the north have apricots in the middle. Very good. Lily, and her mom, like to dip it in Nutella : )

The sea was really rough since we arrived, getting in the way of our boating plans. We decided to set off on the first hike between the 5 cities on the cliff. It is a very rigorous hike, but the scenery is very rewarding. Corey carried Lily on his back the entire way! After arriving at the city, we ate lunch, and then took the train back.

Lily had a great afternoon nap, as you can tell by these glamour shots : ) We then had dinner at the same place as the night before. Lily made some more new friends. The last shot is her bolting off with them as she yelled "bu-byyye" to her parents. She is such a socialite! [July 11, 2007]

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