Saturday, August 11, 2007

July 9 - Lake Garda

We started our day our usual way with a breakfast of croissants and coffee on the terrace. After morning nap (which was a fantastic ritual), Lily and I got to watch up close the making of the yummy truffle pizza we ate our first night in Lake Garda. We're trying to figure out where to put a brick oven pizza at our new house in South Bend! : ) Anyway, we picked up our pizza and then stopped for wine on a hike and picnic. Lily wolfed down a pear while we waited for her daddy to buy the wine. It was such am impressive pear eating that passersby stopped and commented! Seriously. Lily loves the pizza, as evident by these photos.

The picnic was great, followed by some swimming at the beach. We then stopped for gelatto...which was a daily occurrence. We then watched a Christmas gift for Grandpa Pfromm get made.
We ate dinner outside as usual, so that Lily could run around. She was pretty feisty this evening. She climbed up the steps to a shop that had closed and just wouldn't walk away. You can see her cute little rump sticking up as she peered in.
The other memorable thing about this night is the baby picture. The print shows a bunch of babies in planters. Lily loved it! She kept going up to it and kissing the babies : )
And finally, the beautiful purple flowers that covered so many buildings. Corey was experimenting with the camera settings and took a couple of really great shots. [July 9, 2007]

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