Saturday, August 11, 2007

July 10 - Cinque Terre

The 3rd leg of our Italian adventure was to Cinque Terre. Lily slept much of the 3 hour drive from Lake Garda, as pictured in her cute little red Italia shirt that barely covers her belly.

Our hotel is set at the highest point of the city, which required a cab ride up a very narrow road in which our side mirror scraped the railing. Yuck. We made the trek up and down this steep road many times each day.

We goofed around the city, including listening to a cellist named Peter who happend to be from New York City! We bought his CD. We had a great dinner in the piazza. Lily met another Italian boyfriend named Luca. He took her hand as she was trying to enter this little cafe and helped her down the stairs! They he kissed her hands and took his face in her hands. Corey managed to get some video of him escorting her out. He was quite a casanova!!! Afterwards we spent some time in the playground in the middle of town. [July 10, 2007]

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