Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spain - Day 14-15

Day 14 (Thursday) – our last day in Spain
Recognizing that Bonnisim had opened again and that it was our last day in Spain, we hiked back into town while Corey stayed back with a napping Caden. We gorged ourselves on the still-warm pastries with cappuccinos at the fountain square while the girls ran about with local children. Very relaxing.

(This woman gathered a lot of water from the square)
After our hike back, we of course had to swim…and read, and nap. Around 6pm we all headed into town to El Pateo yet again, this time to feed Lindsay and the kids the wonderful sword fish before Mikki, Scott, Corey and I went out to dinner on our own. We had a fantastic meal at La Fluenta. Sadly I was introduced to a new regional cocktail (?) much too late in the trip!

We were in bed by midnight after an anxious search for a man who ventured up to the house while Lindsay was home alone with the kids. He knocked at the door and said hello through the open window. Very scary! Thankfully it turned out to be the pool man arriving at an odd hour ‘_’

We departed for the airport for our venture home at 3am. Lily was devastated to have to go home. Luckily we were able to soothe her woes with a promise of a visit by Neema and Neepa when she got home : )
It was a wonderful wonderful trip!!!
[July 16, 2009]

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