Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spain - Day 12

Day 12 (Tuesday)
We started the morning with a hike into town for more yummy pastries and to start the Kidders on their hike to the castle. Sadly, Bonnisim was closed for 2 days ‘_’ So we headed to another little cafĂ© for a breakfast of egg and ham sandwiches. We headed back for a swim and Kidders set off for the castle, which was also closed!

After lunch we cleaned up to drive to the coast and to pick up Lindsay from Morocco. While Corey headed to the airport, the rest of us enjoyed walking around Puerto Banus and eating one of the best cones of gelato I have ever had! It was a rather windy day and the kids loved watching the waves, and running around on a little patch of grass we found while waiting for Corey, Lindsay and Emily’s return.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant set right on the street so we could gawk at the cars and the people!

[July 14, 2009]

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