Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spain - Day 11

We had a leisurely morning today. We used some of our yummy bread to make French toast outside at the grill. It was wonderful! We spent some time by the pool before heading into town to meet the Kidders. It took a bit, as they were traveling without a map : ), but we got together eventually and headed straight to El Pateo for some much needed wine! Followed by an ice cream at the fountain of course!
We then enjoyed the pool - where Lily realized she could swim across the entire pool wearing water wings! What caused this epiphany? Watching Grace do it once! Micki was a Saint, as she accompanied Lily for her maiden voyage and became Lily's swim partner of choice for the entire trip '_'

While we enjoyed the pool, Wilma prepared our evening meal of curried-pineapple shrimp. Before dinner, the girls changed into their Flamenco dresses that the Kidders picked up along the way. We enjoyed a wonderful show : ) The girls were making up songs and dancing around. One of the lines of the songs was, “And I don’t believe you…” not sure where it came from, but was quite hilarious. Then Lily would put out her hand and say, “Stop the show! We have a problem!” and announce some difficulty with the “muk-sic” as she would say.
So with the wonderful dancing and fantastic food, we had a wonderfully relaxing evening. After the kids went to bed we lounged pool side and marveled at the stars…until Corey leaned on the stone wall with his hand and managed to find a bee!

[July 13, 2009]

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