Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday, our last full day in Delaware, began with mass at our old parish with our friends Colm, Stephanie and Allesandra. Then back to Brew Ha Ha (for our third time this trip) for our usual bagels and coffee. Lily and Allesandra are absolute trouble together! They look, and act, like they own the place. Maybe its good they won't be in high school together...

We then went to the Alexander's for a bit of play and to admire their gorgeous kitchen.

Then off to the Ashley's for another fantabulous party! We sure do miss our Wilmington friends '_' Lily too! There is a whole gang of 2-3 year olds! Needless to say, I shed more than my share of tears.
(Lil, Will, James (new neighbor of Dave and Kate's) and Abbey.

The next day I parked in front of 918 and did my usual Brandywine Park run '_' Bye until next time... [May 25 - 26]

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