Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our First 2 Days in Delaware

We may be the first people ever who have taken a vacation to Wilmington Delaware : ) We really miss it and especially all of our friends there.

The kids did awesome on the trip! Both slept most of the flight : )

We went straight to 918 Wawaset Street and then to our old Brew Ha Ha where we ran into Jackie Cat's other family, our neighbor Jim. We then visited with Lou and Colleen and then had dinner with Jason at La Tolteca.

The next day we drove to my office for a visit, then we went to a pizza party at the Blanton's with the Wilmington crew.
From top left: Rodney, Abby and Will. Bottom left: Corey, Meghan, Caden, Lily and Molly.
Lily had no fear driving the Barbie Jeep. She jammed the accelerator and went for it!
Then the girls kicked back with a movie...

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