Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 3 in Delaware - Visiting Little Friends

After dinner at La Tolteca where we Mexican favorites (#202)with friend Jason (who was kind enough to let us use his house while he was away) and enjoyed our favorite Mariachi band that played for Corey's graduation party. Lily also had her first taste of HOT sauce...straight from the bottle! Just a note: daddy was on watch when this one happened! Anyway...

Day 3 began with a trip to our ol' Brandywine Zoo across from 918. We met the Alexander girls there. They were too cute holding hands : )

We then went to Harry's Seafood for lunch and Margo and Brian met us there. Horror of horrors that Harry's changed my favorite soft shell crab recipe!!! I can now live in South Bend in peace. The girls enjoyed an Elmo video while we ate.
Here is Alicia with baby Riley. She is 10 days older than Caden. The marriage has been arranged : )
Margo and Brian. Our friends buff enough to hold our little chubbers for long stretches : )
After nap time we went to Will's house for dinner with the Altman family. Again another food-favorite with takeout from Tallulah's Table. Lily and Will played like they had never been apart. This is the other promised marriage : )

Below are the two cuties watching Mike make funny faces from above.
Then it was bath time. Lily had to keep telling Will "No Splashing". He seems to like water in his face while Lily was appalled by it. Pretty funny to watch. Eventually she just got out.
There there were the kissed goodnight.
[May 24, 2008]

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