Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seattle - June 6 (Day 2)

A highlight of the trip for me was going on an early morning run with Lily Bug.  We ran, and stopped for plenty of photos as you can see, for about 3 miles along the shore.  We of course had to take a photo of Elliott Ave :)

Next we headed to the award-winning Biscuit Bitch.  Probably not the best parenting choice due to the name, but we couldn't resist.

We all headed to the markets first thing.  So much to see!
 The flowers were gorgeous - and only $15 per bouquet!

So much delicious fresh fruit.

Visit to the cheese shop.

We loved the fesh seafood.

We enjoyed watching the 'fish throwing'.  Quite a site!  Although funny enough in the picture the fish is just a blur.  In actuality, there was a great big salmon a few inches from the hands in the air.

We then hiked up the shore trail to check out the beaches and to get in some sketching time.  

We samples some macraoons, picked out a souvenir, and made dinner resv for later in the evening. 

 All in all, the kids walked about 7 miles!

We had a great dinner at Etta's in Seattle.  Lily and Caden, the resident goof balls, split a dungeness crab and declared it the best meal ever.

 Gia stuck with her more traditional noodles and french fries '_'

We stopped for a view from the top of the stairs on the way back :)

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