Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seattle - June 10 (Day 6)

I returned to the Moran State Park for a run this morning.  A soft rain fell.  So peaceful and soulful. 

After a big breakfast at the cottage, we headed out for some fishing - which also included Orcas whale watching and seal gazing!  Quite a day!

About to set sale.

Seal watching - or actually, seal's watching us! :)

Getting sleepy

And sleepier...

The fisher dude

The fisher dude in action

Our first catch of the day - one of the two Rock Fish we set free

Lily and Caden worked as a team to net her Ling Cod

Proud girl

Caden helped to net the Sea Cucumber

The Angst Fishing Team

Such a gorgeous day on the Puget Sound!  We passed into Canadian waters throughout the day and could see the Vancouver skyline as we fished.

Captain Sky cleaned Lily's fish for us.  We ate 1/2 the fish and gave the other half to Sky.  It was soooo good!

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