Friday, March 19, 2010

Floriday - Day 3

We started the day with a little pool time.  Here Caden kept spraying himself in the face by blocking the jets. He was just cracking himself up!
The kids were enthralled with the big bird in the pool area.
Lily "swimming"

Story time with the grandparents before naps.
Lily managed to give Caden a piggyback ride - Caden weighs the same as Lily!
My good friend Lori from Wilmington happened to be Orlando the same time.  So we hung out with her, her mom and daughter Maya at the pool.
Caden and mommy.
Grandma and Lily snuggling poolside.

Maya reading Lily a book.

Lily and Caden slept together in a big kids bed.  It was too cute!
[March 8, 2010]

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