Friday, March 19, 2010

Florida Vacation - Day 2-3

The weather finally warmed up when we arrived.  Here is culry-haired Caden in his new swim cover.

One of the first kid activities we did at the resort was the pancake making class.  The kids decorated their hats, mixed up their pancakes, and ate them.  Here is Lily with Grandma Sandy coloring her hat.

The result...Lily has just learned how to draw hearts.

The kids mixed the batter and Caden is now crying because they took the batter, instead of letting him eat it raw, to cook his pancake.

Enjoying the pancakes.  I just happened to catch one of Caden's 'dirty looks' on camera.  Not sure where he learned this one from...or maybe I do know.

Indoor climbing center provide HOURS of enjoyment.  Who needs Disney?!?
[March 7, 2010]

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