Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Caden, Lily's and Aunt Andrea's Birthday

Grandma Sandy, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Andrea came for a visit to celebrate birthdays. It was a beautiful weekend so we were able to play outside and get Lily and Caden's gardens plants.
Here Uncle Jimmy trys out the play set.
Our little stud muffin taking his Auntie Andrea for one of many walks.
"Yo, toots, got a light?"
Aunt Andrea was kept quite busy. Here Lily plants purple flowers.
And some more purple flowers...which were my birthday gift from Lily and Caden this year per Lily's suggestion when asked by her daddy what to get me for my birthday and her response was "purple". Funny enough this also included blue gloves Corey thought were purple : )

The little garndener. We spent a lot of time sitting and watching our new strawberry plants grow. Seriously.

Caden's new chair from Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave.
Lily finally gets a pink house after months of trying to coherce her daddy to paint our home pink! This was my doll house as a little girl that Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave painted pink - complete with a stone chimney and 1218 address : )
Too cute!
The walk-through before we begin laying out the furniture.
[April 25 - 26, 2009]

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