Saturday, May 09, 2009

Caden Turns 1!

What a day! Follow the picture series below for the sequence of birthday events...

1. The morning began with daddy, mommy and Lily putting on birthday hats, grabbing the video camera, and walking into Caden's room in song to sing him Happy Birthday!

2. He was not happy! He was quite upset. Upon closer look, and with cameras rolling, we noticed that our poor little birthday boy had thrown up in his crib!

3. We proceeded with festivities and headed down to celebrate with birthday donuts I brought back that morning after my run. This fancy little candle actually plays Happy Birthday!

4. After some chugs of milk, our birthday boy seems happier and digs in to his donut.

5. The birthday sister is happy as a clam with so many donuts at her disposal.

6. And he really digs in!

7. Ain't she sweet?

8. Next we moved on to Caden's big birthday present. He spots it and points excitedly...

9. A pool/ball pit! Whoohoo!
10. He loves it!
11. Then we headed to the park to enjoy a bit of the sunshine : )12. By 2pm, our birthday is really sick. He has a high fever and cannot be set down. Daddy steps in to nap - er, I mean help.
13. We cancel the birthday party scheduled for that night.
14. We attempt to celebrate on our own, but Caden is not happy.
14. The hats are applied...
15. The candles lit...and still a sick boy. It last a few days. Poor baby. No matter, we will celebrate at the upcoming Pink Party!
[April 24, 2009]

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