Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 3

This is the gorgeous view from our balcony! Looking to the right you can see the marina. Oddly this is the same marina where we had an opportunity to tour the yacht of the house we were renting when we were in Costa Rica about 5 years ago with a group of friends.
These next two photos are to assure we get some scoldings from the grandma's.

Look ma - one hand!

Can you say "stud muffin"?!?!

We headed to Miguel Antonio rain forest for some hiking and to look for monkeys. The guide we hired gave Lily this little grass hopper made out of reeds. She loved it. Unfortunately it "hopped" away while we were hiking '_'

The start of the trek.

Our guide was able to snap magnified photos through the lens of his periscope.

This one was my favorite. Apparently the crabs make these balls of sand as they take nutrients (plankton) from the sand that they need. Who knew?!?
A stack of bats.
A sleeping sloth, which really feeds the stereotype of sloths : )
Cool photo. I do not remember the birds name, but he has great hair.
Then we found the monkeys - or they found us. They were whooping it up!

We then ended up at this beatiful bay where we took a breather.
Hot baby!
Lily and I using our drink umbrellas to keep us out of the imaginary rain at our post-hike meal.
Back at the hotel for more pool lounging. I thought this was cute with both Lindsay and Lily just laying there watching the volley ball game.
Lindsay, Lily, Caden and me had a bite to eat at the Lobby Bar before Corey and I had a date night.

[March 10, 2009]

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