Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 2

The resort included an amazing breakfast buffet. We over indulged every morning, swearing off lunch...for a good 2 hours!

Caden was soooo tired. Lindsay worked her magic and got him to sleep while at breakfast.
He then lounged with daddy pool side, napping to the sound of waves crashing in the ocean.
And he slept... And he slept some more...
And then he played : )
As did Lily. She liked to ride the imaginary mommy dolphin. Great workout!
Lily and Caden absolutely loved the pool. It had shallow ledges all the way around the long and winding pool. It had a bunch of nooks to hide in and 6 bridges to pass under. It was perfect!
Lily hard at work coloring at the end of a full day of swimming. I cannot believe how long she looks in this photo!!!
And yes, I really was there.... : )
[March 9, 2009]

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