Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Grandma Pfromm came back from Michigan with us to South Bend to celebrate Christmas. We went to Christmas Eve mass at the Notre Dame Bascilica. Lily gave everyone around her a handshake for "peace-be-with-you". Very cute. Her Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Andrea, and second cousin Tracy all joined us for Christmas Even dinner.

The next morning, Lily opened a few gifts, then wandered away and climbed up into the window seat to reflect on the true spirit of Christmas...we think. It was very cute!

Lily's big surprise from Santa was a brand new kitchen set. She was so surprised! We have some great video of this too.

Everyone had to head out late afternoon so they could make it to work the next day, and Grandpa Pfromm and Ninny came for Christmas dinner. We had a great meal and a relaxing and wonderful Christmas!

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