Friday, January 11, 2008


We headed to Chicago December 15 to enjoy the holiday lights. Grandma and Grandpa Angst and Aunt Missy, Uncle Tom and Cousin Blake all came too! We took an early morning train instead of driving...which we will not likely do again as it took twice as long as driving!
We enjoyed the a quick tour of the outdoor German Christmas market, viewed the windows at Macy's, had lunch in Macy's in the Walnut Room that hosts a 44-foot Christmas tree, and then headed over to Navy Pier where the kids had a blast in the Christmas Wonderland. Lily and Blake each had a bracelet that let them go on all of the rides that were age appropriate for them. Lily loved the inflatable pyramid. She was by the far the smallest, but climbed right in and climbed right to the top as her anxious parents watched on. I ended up going in an pulling her off the top, as there was no way down but to fall off! She also climbed to the top of a huge slide and went right down by herself! This slide was at least 5-times bigger than any other slide she had ever done!

After all the fun, we went to Gino's for their famous deep dish pizza. The snow was really coming down which made for a beautiful walk!

The next morning, Missy, Tom and Blake headed out and we did some shopping before heading back home to a driveway covered in 10+ inches of snow. Corey promptly went out and bought a snow blower and spend the rest of the night blowing our driveway! [December 14-15, 2007]

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