Saturday, July 02, 2011

Chicago Trip

We set off for a weekend in Chicago with Uncle Tom, Aunt Missy, Blake and Marlee. We had a big agenda to visit museums, Lego Land, American Girl Place, shopping, and to see the Peter Pan production at the 360-degree theater.  Believe it or not, we did it all.

 When we just arrived - Lily, Caden and Gia ready to tackle the windy city...almost '_'

Someone thought it was a good idea for our big party of 9 to take the bus to the museums (namely me per the REPEATED and VERIFIED recommendations of the concierge).  Let's just say we had 2 long bus rides, and never made it to our targeted destination.  We did end up some other great places though!  Like the Museum of Science and Industry and Millenium Park.  Below Lily and Marlee "dozing" off on the long ride.
 Gia decided she did not want to dip into her bank account to pay for a seat to see Peter Pan when she couldn't actually sit in it!  So instead she took me to Intelligentsia and Nordstrom Rack : )
 Lily LOVES sleeping in hotels!
Gia on Fathers Day.  This is the photo she sent to her Godfather Greg since the outfit is one his little girls used to wear : )

 Shedd Aquarium - Caden was SOOOOO excited.  He sprinted for the big aquarium and kept saying, "Wow - it's so bootiful" : )  They also had a special jelly fish exhibit which all of the kids loved!
 Uncle Tom getting ready to feed Caden to, er' I mean show, Caden the sharks.
 Watching the thrilling Baluga whale show. 
 Gia even enjoyed it...

Daddy and Caden being goof balls.

 And the girls.
 Lily and Marlee showing off their great periodontal health.
 The whales from the water view.

[June 17 - 19, 2011]

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