Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Skating Pros in the Making

Every Friday we have ice skating.  The kids are doing great!  Caden has graduated from his walker, but still is read to be done after about 20 minutes.  Lily is finally staying warm enough the whole class and having fun with her buddies that the time flies by for her.
 Me and Caden.
 Lily and Lucy
 Our little skating pro.
 Lucy, Bella and Lily...
 Caden on his own.  As he tells everyone, "I skate wi-out anyting."
 Go Lily, Go!
 The crazy crew at Bruno's after skating.  We had a long banquet table to accomodate our group of 24!
Shamus and Felicia chatting with baby Gia.

[February 4, 2011]

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