Monday, November 29, 2010

Arizona Vacation - Part 2

Arizona continued...
 Out to dinner...

Beautiful scenery.

 The kids pool at our hotel.
 Playing in the fountains at the nearby mall.
 3 generations of Angsts : )
 Swimming with Neema and Neepa.
 Two kids ready for a bouncy off-road ride in the Red Jeep rock tour.
 The terrain.
 Our crew!
 Ready to roll...

 A little ball with grampa.
 Like his daddy in many ways - Caden always makes time for his i-Phone : )
 And Muscle-man!
 "Take me back in the pool now or I'll shoot!"
 "You heard what he said.  And I'm not afraid to use it!"
 Our last dinner out in AZ.
 Caden working on something at the dinner table after a couple of days of backup.
 "Seriously mom, no pictures".
 The final bubbly bubble bath before heading home to Indiana.
[May23 - 30, 1020]

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