Thursday, June 04, 2009

The long-awaited PINK PARTY!

Troy, Mary, Hanna, Julia, Natalie and Maddie came down for the day! They were a big hit : )
Lindsay snuggling Lyle - remembering the easier days...
Partied out! And yes, that is frosting around his mouth.
Stacey and Mike were able to enjoy their first full night sleep after Lyle tied one on.
Grace - pretty in polkadots.
The new trick. What I wasn't able to catch on film is Lily almost reaching the top, Grace starting to climb, then Lily sliding back down and going right under Grace!
Lily and Elliott chillin' out with their pinata loot. Too cute!

Have you seen these high-tech pinatas yet -- no more kid-clubbing baseball bats! Just pull a specific string and the candy flows. Cool stuff.
Elliott pulled the winnning string!

Here Lily and Grace ride off in Lily and Caden's new wheels : )

[May 30, 2009]

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