Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

This is Lily's second gymnastics session at Michiana Gymnastics. She has gotten really good! She is really coordinated and well balanced. Of course I may be a little biased, but I would say she is the best of class : ) The butterfly stretch.
The Wiggles warm-up song.
Warming up.
Her ballerina pose.
Strong muscles, with a little help from Coach Andy.
My upside-down monkey.
"Crawling like a lion'
Jumpin' bean.
Too cute. Lily has great posture and seems to push her little belly out.
The BIG jump - which she would not without holding my hand.
"Marshmallow Pit" - Lily has come along way with this one. Where before she would hesitantly climb in from the side she now likes to be launched in to the "Pit" as far as you can throw her.

This is the "bye-bye" song.

The best part of gymanstics, next to the DumDum sucker she gets, is the stamp. Different each week! This night was a lion, hence her roar : )
[February 18, 2009]

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