Monday, November 03, 2008

Chicago Marathon

We all headed to Chicago October 10 for the Marathon on the 12th. Lily had a big day with Lindsay that Saturday. Below they are enjoying High Tea at the Drake! Lily has become quite proficient at hailing cabs with one hand on her hip as she waves for a cab. She has also become quite proficient at the concept of a credit card! There was a credit card machine in the back of one of our cabs and she said, "Let's charge it mommy! Can I use the card?" We are in BIG trouble! Here Lily and I posed with the Great Pumpkins before heading over for our pre-race pasta dinner.

We finally saw our Angst Family supporters at mile 16 and they managed to snap this photo of Teresa and I as we went by in a blur...well almost a blur. We were certainly blurry if you squinted your eyes a lot and looked towards the sun! : )

Here we are after the run sporting our finishing medals, our big muscles, and our Autism awareness tatoos (we ran for the Organization for Autism Research in honor of Abbey).
We stayed in Chicago a few days at our wonderful friend's condo. They had a great sink/bath for Caden. Lily is really in to washing hair, as long as it is not her own, and is lending a hand.

Next stop...Philadelphia!
[October 11, 2008]

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