Sunday, September 07, 2008

Caden's Baptism

Caden was baptised on August 10, 2008 at the log cabin where Notre Dame began in the 1800's by Father Tom Jones.

Here is the log cabin with Lily and Blake posing in front.

The Lily and Blake Polo spread.

The cousins had a great time running around.
The ceremony was beatiful! Very personal and intimiate.

Father Tom Collins baptised Caden.

Aunt Missy and Uncle Tom are Caden's Godparents.

Afterwards we went to the Grotto and lit a candle for Caden. Lily does great with candle lighting : )

Caden with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave.
Caden with Grandma and Grandpa Angst and Aunt Lindsay.
We then had a party back at our house.
The Angst Boys. Funny that the 4 month old has the most hair of all of them : )

After the party we were all pooped. Caden snuggled up with his namesake Uncle Chubbers, er, I mean Uncle Randy...

And they both drifted off to sleep.
Lily passed out in mid-play.

[August 10, 2008]

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