Saturday, August 09, 2008

St. Josephs County Fair

We had an opportunity to attend the St. Joseph's County Fair. Lily was so excited to ride the rides so we bought a days worth of tickets. The Carousel was the first ride we decided to conquer. As you can see below, she decided she was too scared to actually sit on the horse! I attempted to get her to ride other monstrous rides, such as a large purple dinosaur that made big, loping circles and a train and she kept saying, "I too scared". Needless to say we gave away all the tickets!
She did enjoy the animals though. We saw cute little bunnies, cows, horses, goats and chickents. Her favorite, bar-none, were the chickens!!!

We also played a few games, and Lily was given (not won) a gold fish! We stopped and bought her a great house and named her Ruby.

[July 31, 2008]

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