Monday, July 28, 2008

Visiting the Underwoods

We had a great visit with the Tricia, Joel, and Jacqueline Underwood at their beautiful home in Waunakee, Wisconsin. This is the view from their front porch. Very beautiful and peaceful. They have a pool which, as you can see below, we really enjoyed. Here is the (growing)Underwood family.
Lily and Jacqueline hanging out...looking for boys?
The girls "playing catch" (sort-of).
I LOVE this photo of Lily : )
And this one!
The girls...
Caden also spent some time chillin' poolside.
He did a little swimming with his daddy...
Which wore him out!
Lily continued to swim, despite blue lips and chattering teeth.
I think perhaps she was trying to work on her tan : )
The Angst's relaxing at the Underwood pool without 'Angst' : )
We spent some time in Madison at the Univeristy of Wisconsin...and paid a very yummy visit to dairy. Notre Dame is great, but no dairy! I have submitted an application on Corey's behalf : )
We also enjoyed the art fair in downtown Madison. It was great! Here the girls and enjoying some acapella music. We ate a great Italian restaurant in an old church.
E.T. Fingers of these two little friends : ) [July 10 - 13, 2008]

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