Friday, March 07, 2008

Enjoying the Resort

There were a ton of fun kid activities planned at our Marriott Resort...

There was an indoor climbing area.

(Which also served as a cage : )

We played with Lily's inherited Mickey Mouse baloon.

She lounged on the screen porch and chatted on the cell phone.

There were fun planned activities including a pet parade, playdoh hour, and cotton candy (which Lily had for her first time and loved).
This shirt doesn't lie.
She made some new friends.

Went out for Reggae and did A LOT of dancing.

This night we enjoyed a bonfire on the beach.
Lily made a S'more, and ate the entire thing by herself!
The we did some dancing to the live Hawaiian music.

She even managed her first round of golf! She loved the little clubs. After she hit the ball she'd say "uh-oh" and go chase it.

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