Friday, February 08, 2008

The Reconstruction Begins!

Construction began on the "future" master bedroom and bathroom January 14, 2008 - the same day Corey taught his first class at Notre Dame! Perfect timing : ) We celebrated that evening by hanging out at Lowes picking out windows '_'

Our friends Greg Vincke, and Randy Ruddy's little brother Denny Ruddy (and friend Eric) helped kick off the reconstruction activities. Lily LOVED having all of the boys around to play with. Especially Uncle Greg. Uncly Randy is sooooo 2007.

It wasnt' all work for Lily. Despite her room undergoing a bit of reconstruction, she still managed to find some time to kick back and run up bills on Uncle Greg's cell phone. She actually does a lot of pretend talking to her cousin Julia.

We do feed the crew, so Lily helped make a lot of dinners. Here she dishes out ice cream for the peach cobbler. Already a great chef, she made sure to have frequent tastes to ensure the quality was up to par. [Lily, just for future reference, you demanded ot wear the water shoes]

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