Friday, November 02, 2007


Lily had a great time Trick-or-Treating! We canvassed our entire street and had a blast. Lindsay stayed at our house to pass out candy so that both Corey and I could go with Lily. She really got into it. She walked up to the door holding her little pumpkin and would knock. If a dog barked, she would bark back! Then, with a little prompting from mom and dad she’d say Trick-or-Treat, phonetically it sounded like ‘Tri-tree’. Many of the neighbors would put the bowl of candy down for Lily to pick a piece, which she would do and then immediately deposit in her little pumpkin with a smile. She would then say ‘ta-doh’ (thank you) and we’d be off. She had a full pumpkin by nights end and a blue face and tongue from enjoying one of her blue lollipop spoils while out. She also suffered a couple of skinned knees as our independent pirate princess had to walk on her own, carrying her own pumpkin. After we got home though we heard about those skinned knees for the rest of the night as she would continuously point to them and say ‘awoh – ouchy’, which required repeated kisses from mom and dad. We didn’t mind though. We also used the trick-or-treating to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. It was really great to meet everyone! Very nice people! We handed out invitations for all to join us at our house Tuesday, November 12 for a dessert party so we could get to know everyone. Problem is once we got home, we realized that Tuesday is the 13th!!! Oops. That one made it by both Corey and I. The second round of invites will go out this weekend ‘_’

Lily also had a chance to use her costume for her music class and her Notre Dame / Saint Mary's play group : ) [October 31, 2007]

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