Saturday, November 25, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

A six month old Geisha that is : )

And since my 6 month old Geisha can’t actually type, below are the memoirs of the mommy of a Geisha…
We had a wonderful visit with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave. They arrived on the 22nd. Lily, grandma and me made a trip to the mall. On the 23rd, Thanksgiving day, I ran a 10K with Michelle right past the house. Lily, Corey and grandma cheered me on. Then we delivered some food to the YMCA for the Thanksgiving dinner residents there. We had dinner around 4 pm, and then went to Longwood Gardens. We came home and ate both pumpkin and pineapple pies and watched a movie. Friday we took a stroll to Brew Ha Ha, and a drive around to see the covered bridges. A lot more eating was done by all! Today, Saturday, Corey and I took advantage of our visiting babysitters and went to spinning class. We then headed to the Ashley's Post-Thanksgiving brunch, and then journeyed to West Chester for Lenka's baby shower. Grandma and Grandpa headed out on a 6pm train '_' Time goes much too quickly! We are thankful for such wonderful family and family and friends, and especially for our little Lily. [November 25, 2006]

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